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Originally Posted by quasimoto View Post
Some will teach you to use the drysuit instead of your BC. Didn't work for but I use the theory of..if it isn't broken then don't fix it. My BC wasn't broken.
I use my BC as a BC most of the time, but you can bet your bottom dollar that I'm competant at using my drysuit as a BC. It's another tool in your bag of tricks and IMO a person should be comfortable doing it either way.

I was taught to use the drysuit as a BC but learned the other method later on which is how I usually dive in it. I think most courses teach a person to use the drysuit as a BC for the most part and IMO it's not an easy skill for a new diver to pick up and do correctly every time. It would be much easier to just say use your BC and remove the squeeze with the drysuit.
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