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Originally Posted by Bill22 View Post
Originally Posted by ianr33 View Post
If you do not have a can light you can tuck the the hose into your waistbelt (BP/W) or your cummerbund (BC). To get it out just pull.
Alternatively you could route it under an accessory pocket or knife worn on your right hand side of your waist (That probably works better with a BP/W)

If you are doing wreck penetrations of any significance at all you should be using the reel.Winding in a reel if you dont have a light on a Goodman handle could get interesting unless you have 3 hands.
I have no idea about the PADI course though.
Ahh.. that is a good point. I think I can hold my reel handle and flashlight at the same time. They're not big handles. You're right though the Goodman handle would be better. I suspect that we won't be penetrating to a point that we lose surface light.

Thanks for the advice on configuring the hose.
Hey Bill,

Just stating the obvious here..

It's fine to learn about different systems on the internet but there is nothing like instruction from a qualified professional.

Also, if you were to ask me (and I know, you didn't), the best thing would be for you to penetrate a wreck/cave or whatever only after you received the appropriate training.
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