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the vis was about 1mm beyond the glass of my mask.
Sheesh, I won't dive low-vis during the day, let alone at night. I know there's some thrill and bragging rights that go with this but personally, you can have it.

I'm there to see what I can see. I haven't made a dive in less than 60' of visibility in several years.

I'm going to try to schedule some night dives in Coz soon, hopefully it will be as amazing.
It will be amazing. Leave your jigawatt light at home. All you need is a 4xC-cell light. Anything more than that just scares everything away.

We happened to catch a full moon once a couple of years ago. Dove Chankanaab at night and I didn't even bother turning my light on! Now that's what I call awesome night diving.

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