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I dive with a 3XL 7mm jumpsuit/wetsuit, SeaQuest Balance, 5mm boots and gloves and an AL80 in Southern California. I also carry 32 pounds of lead. That's what it takes to get me under the water.

As I've pointed out before, when I float in a pool, I have a waterline. People who've never seen me floating before just can't believe it. My mother has a picture of me taken about 30 some years ago in the Salt Lake. It looks as though I'm on a pool float!

For the float/tread water in my DM class, we were required (per standards) to keep our hands out of the water for the last two minutes. I floated on my back and folded my arms on my chest. My hands (and forearms) were completely out of the water for the full 15 minutes.

On the other hand, there was a DM candidate in my class who is skinny as a rail. He practically has to add neoprene to make the weight check!

Weighting is a personal issue and it is what it is. So what if you dive wearing a pair of 4oz ankle weights around your waist. Weighting is NOT a contest. As long as the diver has performed a weight check and is diving with proper weights, we're good to go.
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