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Underwater Photo Need help capturing that shot - try in here.

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Old 08-01-2007, 05:44 AM   #21
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Join Date: 07/30/2007
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Krung Thep, Siam, mostly...
Dives Logged: 101-500
I have a WP-DC7 case for my Ixy 1000 - have taken it down to 52m with no problems.
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Old 08-01-2007, 07:11 AM   #22
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nantucket, MA
Dives Logged: 51-100
canon cases

Hi, I have a case for my canon and use it all the time, sloppy wet 4Th of july parties, on the beach in the water, it's been down to 100ft with out a seconds trouble. I would love to replace the camera, but will keep it just to use the case.
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Old 09-19-2007, 03:00 PM   #23
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Panther City, Texas
Dives Logged: 0-24
For a recent trip, I bought a used Canon s50 P&S and a new Canon U/W housing from Works like a beaut. Good button feel, most controls a readily accessible. Like everyone has mentioned already, clean your o-rings.
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Old 09-19-2007, 10:05 PM   #24

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Join Date: 09/01/2007
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United States
Dives Logged: 101-500
If your real careful a Canon housing should be fine. However, I think the Ikelites are better made and seem to be less prone to leaking.
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Old 09-20-2007, 03:00 PM   #25
Blue Moon
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Republic of Texas
Dives Logged: 500-1000
While this is an old thead, since this is a new board and the topic keeps getting bumped, here is my personal experience. For some background Iím a huge Canon fan and shoot Canon dSLRs. I also own a small but growing collection of Canon L glass for my topside images but still shoot a Canon PnS for diving. Iím an experience recreational diver with over 600 dives.

I love my Canon gear but I did experience a latch failure and as a result received a new WP-DC1 u/w housing and Canon PowerShot S80 from Canon earlier this year after they examined my housing and camera. I suspect that Canon doesnít make this specific housing anymore so perhaps the new latches are more robust on the newer models.

My housing and camera survived over 50 dives before the latch failed, however on nearly every dive it had minimal evidence of condensation in the form of tiny droplets inside the housing. I dove with it to 100 feet on multiple occasions but never below 130 feet that it is rated for.

At least with my housing, while barely noticeable, the latch progressively got weaker over time as it seemed a bit easier to close. Although my O-rings were only a few months old, I ordered two new O-rings from Canon when I first noticed that the latch felt ever so slightly easier to close just in case the O rings were deteriorating faster than Canon anticipated... Unfortunately mine was a latch issue so new o-rings didnít help.

My housing and o-rings were always stored according to Canon guidelines. My practice while diving is always to set up the camera in the hotel room and not to open it until my return. I also always alternated the O rings each day to make sure that the camera housing was clean and that a clean and properly lubricated O ring was used. I have 20/15 up close vision so there is little chance that a hair or gain of sand or salt was the reason for my minor teaspoon flood that killed my LCD on the S80.

Bottom-line things break. The moral of the story is that Canon is a great company and replaced both my housing and camera. I would not hesitate to purchase another Canon PnS body and Canon housing for underwater photography. It would be hard to find better performance for the investment than a Canon PnS body and Canon housing until you make the jump to an underwater dSLR housing which I hope is in my not to distant futureÖ

Blue Moon
The gift of life occurs in the moment...
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